Virtual Private Network (VPN) will work with Viasat internet, but getting optimal performance might be a slight issue. VPN encrypts and decrypts information passing through your network, and this constant flow of downloads and uploads increases latency or lag time. Due to its high orbit around earth, Viasat Satellite Internet has higher latency than Cable Internet, DSL Internet and Fiber Internet.

To be fully effective, VPNs need high bandwidth and low latency. When a VPN functions with Satellite Internet, speeds tend to be slow. As VPN and Satellite Internet technology evolve, Viasat users report increasing success with several VPN options.

If you plan to use a VPN with Viasat Satellite Internet, buy the Viasat plan with the fastest download speeds available at your location. Choosing the fastest speed will give you the better results.

Before purchasing Viasat Internet, check the following:

  • Check your ping rate and check VPN requirements by your employer to eliminate time-out issues.
  • Check if your VPN requires a persistent IP address by your employer.
  • If you cannot get the answers to the first two requirements, call us for an appointment to connect your laptop to our Viasat Internet demo.


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