Yes Link Store, LLC was created in November 2013 by J.R. Young in Lakeland, Tn. As a home-based business, TV, Internet and Phone systems were offered to residences within a 30 mile radius. Their marketing strategy consisted of yard signs, mailers and referrals with a focus in rural areas. At the year two mark, J.R. moved from his Lakeland home to a one-man office in the Memphis Cooper-Young area. A relocation that was necessary to better serve west Tennessee, eastern Arkansas and north Mississippi. At the start of year four, Yes Link Store, moved into a 1200 square foot store location near the Memphis Airport. The new location, 3845 Viscount Ave in Memphis includes a reception area for walk-in traffic, two offices and a warehouse for inventory.


Prior to starting his own business, J.R. was employed as a DISH Account Manager covering seven states in the Southeast region. With 158 accounts, his primary responsibility was assisting owners in generating business growth. During his 11 years working with DISH, J.R. accumulated a wealth of knowledge on managing a business, so he made a decision to start his own.


J.R. graduated from the University of Memphis with a BS In Electrical Engineering and over 31 years in sales experience. The combination of the two has served well in his business by showing passion for awesome customer service and designing systems that perform at its optimal performance. Sharing his skills and knowledge with his sales team has generated great results. The staff at Yes Link Store are ready to serve you. 



Local sales, Local service & Local voice

Yes Link Store knows the art of providing exceptional service with every customer interaction. With over 31 years of satisfying customers, J.R. trains his team to do exactly the same. Maintaining integrity is the solid foundation for Yes Link Store’s continued success. Their overall goal is to build back confidence in the service industry by continuing to be more transparent than other retailers and “big box” stores.





Yes Link Store will continue to be a Smart technology source with multiple services and products for the home or business. The importance of products and services that integrate as one is the key factor to peace of mind for every customer. As 5G technology approaches, we will continue to be resilient and adaptive to stay ahead of the curve.  



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