PROJECT: RevGen Internet Speedtests in Various Locations




There are various types of internet services available in the U.S., such as fiber, satellite, DSL, 4G/5G wifi, fixed wireless, cable, but choosing the right internet can be a daunting task. Not all types are available everywhere and not all types will support the same applications efficiently. We found one that's a favorite choice. Our spotlight experiment will explain features, advantages and benefits on why you should consider RevGen internet.

TEST: On May 31, 2024, I took a trip along Highway of Blues 61 heading from Memphis TN to Vicksburg MS. This was a perfect opportunity to test the performance of the RevGen WiFi router. I wanted to test the portability and speeds along the road as if I were a trucker, RVer, traveling for work or vacationing with the family. I took readings and recorded performance in every small town and in between to show its performance.  


RESULTS: The readings I listed above start from Walls, MS to Vicksburg, MS along highway 61. The route of choice included attractions such as museums, casinos, historic sites, great restaurants, parks and the Mississippi River. From start to finish, my router automatically chose the T-Mobile signal and gave great speeds while on the road. The more speed, the more devices that can simultaneously connect. On the average, 3-5 devices. Overall, this is perfect for most consumers looking for performance, ease of set-up and versatility. 






  • No credit check, no long-term comittment and enjoy the 15-day trial period.
  • No satellite to point and peak. Just keep it plugged in and it will play without setup.
  • No cables to attach to phone poles. Uses wifi from cell towers.
  • Portable unit thats the size of a small tablet.
  • No $600-$1000 upfront equipment and installation fee required. Plug and play.
  • No dependency of one cell carrier. When one is down, the RevGen will automatically search and connect to the strongest signal (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon) in the area.
  • PTCRP Certification assures that your signal will not perform poorly by any carrier. 
  • 24x7 IQMC customer service support. IMPORTANT!!!
  • VPN and Static IP available. 
  • Choose internet plans from 20G to Unlimited data.



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